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Grave of the Fireflies

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Tonight I watched what is perhaps the best anime I have ever seen.  Grave of the Fireflies is a simple, yet powerful movie about a boy and a girl trying to survive during the firebombings of Japan during the last days of World War 2.  Few movies have captured the devastation and tragedy of war upon the civilian population so personally and intimately as Grave of the Fireflies has.

Based partly on a true story, the tragedy revolves around a boy and his sister trying to survive, often forced to beg or steal for food. Ultimately,  his pleas are met with indifference and sometimes even hostility by his own countrymen.  The poignant story not only shows the ugliness of war but explore ugliness within the human heart, as well as what love really is.  While this movie could have been told with live actors, I doubt it would have the same power.  The exaggerated facial expressions and emotions that are characteristic of anime provide a powerful and emotional story. The movie is not only a condemnation of war, but a look at the human condition and its capacity for love, hate, indifference and selfishness.

I highly recommend this for fans not only of anime, but for anyone wanting a different take on a war movie.


Written by Matt

June 1, 2010 at 11:41 pm

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